Can I Get a Temporary or Restricted Driver's License After a DUI in SC?

Getting charged with a DUI is hard enough. Then the mounting stress associated with potential consequences, including fines and even jail time, doesn’t make it easier.

To top it all off, you need to figure out what to do now that your license been suspended.

How will you get to work? To and from the grocery store?

How Much are DUI Fines in SC

After a few drinks, you thought you were OK to drive home. That’s when the unexpected happens.

You’re pulled over for a DUI.

As the blue lights flash in your rearview mirror, all of the fun that led up to that moment is replaced with regret and consequences.

In South Carolina, a DUI arrest and conviction has several legal ramifications and can even have fines that put a major hit on your wallet.

How long is my Driver’s License suspended for a DUI Conviction in SC

Being convicted for a DUI can be an intimidating experience with an array of legal consequences -- one of which is the suspension of your SC driver's license.

In South Carolina, the suspension of your driver’s license will vary based on the number of DUI violations that have occurred within a 10-year period. Here's how it works:

5 Serious Implications of DUI Conviction in South Carolina

You are arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Charleston, SC. You should simply pay the fine, right? Not so fast. Before you do anything, think about the potential ramifications that a DUI conviction may have on your life.  Right off the bat, if you plead guilty you will pay a fine of at least $992 plus court fees. You will also need to obtain SR-22 insurance $1500-$1800 a year for the next three years. It will cost you $200 at the DMV for reinstatement fees and costs to obtain your route restricted driver’s license.