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Criminal Defense Attorney Summerville, SC

Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Summerville, SC?

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in Summerville, SC, you need legal representation and you need it fast. With every passing minute, the prosecution is building a case against you. They want to make sure you get everything they believe you deserve.

Whether you’ve been charged with strong arm robbery, possession of drugs or criminal domestic violence, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and your future. Because if you’re convicted, it can affect your job, your right to own a firearm, your college education and, most importantly, your freedom.

Webb Charpia is a criminal defense attorney who works hard to protect and defend people charged with criminal offenses in South Carolina. He thinks before he speaks and considers all possibilities before making decision.

People continue to turn to Charpia Law Firm when they:

  • Are striving to get their charge expunged from their record

  • Feel they have been wrongfully charged

  • Want to avoid house arrest

  • Want to avoid jail time or a long prison sentence

Criminal Offenses

Below are just some of the criminal offenses our clients have needed representation for:

  • Possession of drugs

  • Assault & Battery

  • Domestic violence

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)

  • Theft (shoplifting, burglary)

  • Fraud

  • White collar crimes

  • And more

Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

Check the websites of other criminal defense attorneys in Summerville, SC. It’s hard to tell us apart. We have experience, we care and we put our clients first.

Sound familiar?

So how do you tell the difference between one attorney and another? Personal Qualities. Unique qualities like who they are, what makes them tick and how much they care.

Criminal defense attorney, Webb Charpia’s unique qualities are:

  • He obsesses over details -- especially the details of his client’s case.

  • He asks probing questions that can lead to new discoveries.

  • He’s fair-minded and will fight for your constitutional rights.

  • He’s reliable. Clients rest knowing he’s taking care of matters.

  • He’s available and in touch. You won’t have to wonder when he’ll call you back.

  • He’s tough minded and doesn’t crumble under pressure.

At this point, you've heard everything we have to say and you know time is running out. So let’s be clear: You need to take action quickly, and get in touch with a criminal defense attorney about your case. Email us, or call 843-261-7026 to schedule your free legal consultation.