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Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV)

We Help People Facing Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

The state of South Carolina has cracked down on domestic violence. Courts here take criminal domestic violence (CDV) seriously, and people who are convicted face harsh consequences that include steep fines and time in jail. If you have been accused of CDV, you need serious legal help from a knowledgeable lawyer who pays close attention to detail.

At Charpia Law Firm, LLC, our firm has aggressively represented the freedoms of people charged with criminal domestic violence (CDV) over the years. We use in-depth knowledge of the law on CDV to represent people who face criminal domestic violence charges.

Based in Summerville, South Carolina, attorney Webb Charpia considers all possibilities before making a decision. He looks at the facts, laws and criminal procedures that may affect your case, and then works hard to protect your rights.

We can defend your freedom, finances and future–but you must take action now. The longer you wait to call an attorney, the fewer options may be available in your case. Turn to us as soon as you’ve been accused of:

  • First offense criminal domestic violence
  • Second offense criminal domestic violence
  • Third or subsequent offense criminal domestic violence
  • Criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature
  • Possession of a firearm by a person convicted of domestic violence

Things You Should Know If You Are Facing CDV Charges in South Carolina

In criminal domestic violence matters, what you don’t know can hurt you. Here are some critical things that you should understand about CDV in South Carolina:

A CDV conviction can change your whole life. For example, you’ll lose your right to carry or possess a firearm. Even more, if you’re convicted of a second offense criminal domestic violence, it will stay on your record for life. The criminal record can make it nearly impossible to get a job or rent a nice apartment. That’s why it’s important to do everything possible to fight the charges you face.

You should get legal help for family court matters–not just your criminal defense. The alleged victim of CDV will usually be granted an initial hearing in front of a family court judge. The judge will decide the temporary conditions you should be placed under and the applicable restraining orders and provisions pending the outcome of your CDV charge. Statements that you make in family court hearings related to an order for protection can be used against you in criminal court, and they can potentially hurt your applicable family court case. You need someone on your side that will help protect your rights at every step of the way.

Witness testimony is critical in your case. The things that your accuser says about you can mean the difference between being found guilty and being free. That’s where our close attention to detail comes in. When defense lawyer Webb Charpia examines the criminal complaint and talks to witnesses, he looks at the big picture. Sometimes that person is just trying to hurt you in a divorce or child custody proceeding. Sometimes he or she isn’t telling the truth. Sometimes the alleged victim was actually the primary aggressor.

Why Us?

There are many law firms out there, so why choose the Charpia Law Firm, LLC, when you face domestic violence charges? We work hard to defend you against domestic violence charges. But, even more than that, we provide great service:

  • We pay attention to all the details of your case. We thoroughly review the facts, laws and court procedures that may affect how things turn out, helping to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

  • We work closely with you from the moment you contact us. You’ll get to know attorney Webb Charpia. He can answer your questions, keep you updated about your case and will be by your side at in court.

  • Communication comes first. Unlike many law firms, we place great importance on communication with our clients. We can answer your questions. We’ll be available by phone and email. And we can explain the law and the legal process in language that it doesn’t take a lawyer to understand.

If you have been accused of criminal domestic violence or a related charge, you need legal help. Use this form or call our Summerville law office at 843-261-7026 for a private consultation with an experienced CDV lawyer.

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