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What our clients say


Mr. Charpia was Very professional and went above and beyond to help. Overall fantastic experience.

- Graham


I was very comfortable with Webb and I felt confident in the estate work - I trust him completely.

- Greg Shuler


We have had the pleasure of using Webb for a few items that have required his expertise . From traffic situations to updating our wills and looking into business partnerships and even trademarking for our son's business. I have to say that he has always handled things with the greatest sensitivity, professionalism and respect. Even if it was not his specialty ,he referred us to someone that would be capable to handle things. He follows up with things very well and stays in touch until the job is completed. I feel very confident in his abilities and know that I can call on him when ever the need arises which is a comfort to me. I would and have referred him to many of our friends and feel confident that he will show them the same respect and professionalism that he has given us.

- D.H.

Webb did an Outstanding job!

Webb Charpia was hired by my husband and I to help our son when he got in some legal trouble. He did an outstanding job as our representative and we couldn't have asked for a better result. Unfortunately for us, our son got in trouble again a few years later and we were again in need of Webb's help. He consulted with us all about what the outcome could be and we were afraid for the worse but we trusted him and knew we were in good hands. After months and months of back and forth with the various parties involved, Webb worked out an agreement that was better than we could have ever hoped for! Our son is now back on track and in college doing well. Webb believed in him and I think that came across in his arguments on my son's behalf. Webb has always treated us like family and we think of him as the same. Webb is a very soft spoken person who doesn't come across as aggressive as some attorneys but he GETS THE JOB DONE! I would recommend him (and have!) to anyone who needs a good lawyer with a kind touch.

- L.B.

Thorough and Professional

Webb was an extremely professional and thorough advocate when we needed one. Having never dealt with a personal injury suit before, he guided us through the process and helped us understand what we could expect. He was always there to answer the many questions we had, and he explained every step as we proceeded. The best part; Webb was able to get more than we were expecting for our case! We truly could not have gotten through that difficult time without him!

- Allison

Exceptional Service

I have used Mr Charpias services many times over the past few years seeking advice on everything from employment law to a speeding ticket . Each time he has provided me with sound advice or referred me to an associate who was more familiar with the issue at hand. I found him always available for consulting and he always made me feel comfortable with his tact and approach. I have and will continue to refer family and friends as the needs arise.

- P.N.

Smile Maker

I was issued a speeding ticket because of my out of state plates, I believe. There was no way we were doing what they issued the ticket for. We were moving slower than traffic because we were looking for a turn that we needed to take. My wife was with me and said exactly the same. Webb helped me in getting the ticket dismissed. I had a cousin get a ticket coming to visit me. Webb helped him get the ticket dismissed also. We also had our will and last testament done with Webb. We trust him completely! We think Webb is just fantastic with everything he does and is the kind of guy to have as a life long friend!!!

- T.H.

Successful Outcome

I was arrested for a dui and was told by a friend to use Web. He was very realistic but sympathetic and told me exactly what I needed to know. I pleaded guilty to reckless driving. A few months later I recieved a letter that my conviction was thrown out. I received no points on my license and do not have a conviction record. I don't expect everyone to have the same results but I would definitely use Web again. He was very proactive and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

- Sally