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Charpia Law Firm LLC is a reputable real estate attorney firm based in Summerville SC with a dedicated focus in handling property transactions in the Summerville and greater Charleston area.

Real property closing in Charleston is becoming ever more complex, and the ability to reduce cost while maximizing value is a real differentiator. With the help of Charpia Law, you can go into your settlement with confidence knowing a qualified legal professional is on your side to review your title deeds, liens, prior conveyances, and much more.

Underpinned by brilliant realty attorneys, Charpia Law Firm is the perfect choice for both individuals and organizations who require speedy closings as well as exceptional legal counsel across complex residential and commercial property transactions.

Whether you're a home buyer, home seller, realtor, or lender, Charpia's lawyers have what it takes to handle the complexities you face right now, as well as the ones on the horizon.


Webb was an extremely professional and thorough advocate when we needed one. The best part, Webb was able to get more than we were expecting for our case!


I have used Mr Charpia's services many times over the past few years seeking advice. I found him always available for consulting and he always made me feel comfortable with his tact and approach.


We have had the pleasure of using Webb for a few items that have required his expertise. I have to say that he has always handled things with the greatest sensitivity, professionalism and respect.


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Real Estate


Business Law




Estate Planning & Probate

At Charpia Law, our expert team of lawyers are experienced across the entire legal spectrum of realty projects and deals. For our clients, this means we have the people and expertise needed to efficiently get their deals over the line on time and within budget – right from negotiations to contract drafting and speedy completions.

Closing Lawyer

Closing a real estate transaction can be a complicated process, and until it is complete, there's still a high chance that some complications may arise. With several years of legal experience under his belt, lawyer Webb Charpia understands the stakes involved in a property deal, and will ensure that your transaction is concluded as efficiently as possible.

Wills, Probate and Estate Planning

In an ever-changing world, it is essential to make sensible plans for your future as the legalities involved following your demise can be stressful. Charpia Law Firm can reduce the heartache your family will feel when this happens.

Our South Carolina wills, estate and probate attorneys can help you at any stage by delivering excellent legal advice that helps protect your estate for the future, reduce tax and provide for your loved ones.

Power of Attorney

Having someone you trust to manage your financial affairs when you're unable to do so is an important decision. Webb Charpia can help you get a long-lasting power of attorney form that ensures your estate stays protected for the future. This means you can appoint a person or trustee organization to manage your affairs when you're unavailable.

Turn to Charpia Law for the Best Real Estate Closing Experience

Focused on client value, Charpia Law Firm is a trusted residential and commercial realty law firm helping clients navigate and redefine the most complex deals across Summerville and Charleston, South Carolina.

We speak the language of real properties and understand that it is a channel to deliver an efficient buying and selling experience suited to the needs of our clients.

And above all else, the strength and depth of services offered by Webb Charpia across Summerville and Charleston make us a go-to firm for your residential or commercial closings.

Set up an appointment with Charpia Law Firm, LLC by calling us at (843) 261-7026 or sending an email. A fantastic experience awaits you.