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Summerville Real Estate Lawyer

Summerville Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate transactions in South Carolina involve several complicated processes. With broad and extensive experience handling these cases, Charpia LLC and its attorneys in Summerville SC are highly equipped to assist you with all your residential and commercial litigation concerns.

For any real property issue, our lawyers in Summerville SC don't just provide expert legal counsel but place great value in building lasting professional relationships to deliver the best possible results.

Whether you're looking to draft contracts, negotiate or close a deal, Charpia Law Firm will achieve the best possible outcome in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Also, Charpia Law Firm handles all aspects involved in your real estate transaction, including;

  • Title Insurance Issues
  • Foreclosure Concerns
  • Post-Foreclosure Litigation
  • Closing Deadlines
  • Mortgage Planning
  • Commercial Property Transactions
  • Residential Property Transactions

Real Estate Attorney in Summerville SC

Led by veteran real estate lawyer Webb Charpia, Charpia Law Firm LLC is a properties focused law firm that delivers exceptional legal services to clients in Summerville and Charleston, South Carolina.

Having represented clients across a wide range of areas, Webb Charpia is interwoven with the legal experience required to handle your realty transactions, right from property closing to powers of attorney, wills, probate administration, and estate planning.

Whether you have residential or commercial real estate legal needs, our lawyers in Summerville SC can assist you in resolving your property transactions and litigation issues.

Need A Qualified Realty Lawyer in Summerville SC?

At Charpia Law Firm, LLC, we apply our extensive knowledge about real estate issues and rights to all areas of property law.

From individuals to organizations, our firm in Summerville SC will protect your best interests in all transactions and ensure that all phases of your transaction comply with the laws of the state of South Carolina.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or leasing a property, Charpia Law Firm possesses the legal expertise necessary to litigate your transactions successfully.

Real Estate Closing Lawyer

Are you trying to close a real estate deal? The process of closing a property deal can be quite complicated as it comes with complex and last-minute legal issues such as transfer of ownership and more. When such legal issues arise in the context of your property completion, an experienced realty attorney is the appropriate professional to handle your situation. This is where Charpia Law Firm comes in.

From commercial to residential deals, our lawyers in Summerville SC can assist you with the expert legal expertise needed for a smooth and precise closing.

Our qualified team of lawyers can help with all aspects of your transactions, including:

  • Home Purchases and Sales
  • Title Examination
  • Title Insurance
  • Contract Review, Negotiations, Document Preparation, and Drafting
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Short Sales
  • Manage Foreclosures and Bankruptcy
  • Escrow & Funds Disbursement
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Transactions
  • Deeds-In-Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Real Estate Owned (REO) & Bank Owned Properties 

Let Our Law Team Help Close Your Real Property Transactions

Charpia's closing lawyers in Summerville SC bring a professional perspective as key advisers to clients —including buyers, lenders, mortgage brokers, sellers, and realty agents— on all aspects of their agreement. We focus on coordinating all stakeholders involved during the process to save time, costs, and frustration.

No matter how complex your residential or commercial real estate closing is, Charpia Law Firm will get your deal speedily closed with an unshakable dedication to your interests and needs.

Power of Attorney

At Charpia Law Firm, LLC, our team assist clients with the arduous process of preparing various powers of Attorney in Summerville and Charleston, South Carolina.

Why Do You Need a Power of Attorney?

Drawing up a Power of Attorney in Summerville, SC, can be a very sensible form of forward-thinking when buying or selling a property. By preparing a POA in Summerville, you can appoint a trusted person to manage your affairs when you become unable to do so. As such, you can ensure that whatever happens in the future, there is someone you trust to look after your affairs.

Types of POA in South Carolina

There are several types in South Carolina. These include:

Health Care Power of Attorney: This type allows you to designate someone to make medical decisions on your behalf when you become injured or disabled.

General Power of Attorney: This general agreement gives another person broad power to act on your behalf in any of the following areas below:

  • Buying and selling real estate properties
  • Obtaining insurance
  • Financial affairs
  • Banking matters
  • Planning retirement planning activities
Limited Power of Attorney: Unlike a General POA, this type only gives limited legal authority to a person. Once prepared, the indicated person can only settle your property taxes with your funds and cannot sell your property.

Let Our Trusted Team Prepare Your POA in South Carolina

A POA must be successfully registered to be considered valid and in compliance with South Carolina law. In this instance, it is important to hire a real estate attorney to ensure that your permission can be used right away.

Whatever your circumstance, our law team is well placed to create valid Power of Attorneys, giving you complete peace of mind that your legal affairs are always protected.

Wills, Probate Administration, & Estate Planning

At Charpia Law Firm, our team is adept at handling your wills, probate and estates issues, while ensuring that your assets are passed to your chosen beneficiaries if something happens to you.

Let Us Help Prepare Your Will in SC

A will is vital at every stage of your life as it provides you with the opportunity to control what happens to your property and your loved ones when you pass away. If it is not properly drafted, it may be declared invalid by a court. This results in the distribution of your assets in a manner that does not reflect your desires.

At Charpia Law Firm LLC, we specialize in drafting South Carolina wills for people looking to pass their assets to their chosen beneficiaries in the most efficient manner.

Trusted Estate Planning Attorney in Summerville and Charleston

The demise of a loved one is almost always a distressing event that requires help from someone very familiar with its distinctive dynamics. Without proper legal guidance, estate representatives may not be in the best position to handle every legal and administrative aspect of the estate probate case.

Even in the easiest estate cases, issues may still arise among beneficiaries or between specific beneficiaries and the executor. Whether the issue is a will challenge, or it involves debating against the inheritance tax, we advocate strongly for your rights in negotiations and the probate court in Summerville SC.

As estate planning attorneys in Summerville SC, we implement an extensive range of services to help achieve your goals as simple and efficient as possible. When appropriate, we work in tandem with accountants, financial advisers, insurance agents, and other trusted advisors of the deceased family member to carry out their last wishes.

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